UK Chemical Firm Sees the Light

Organic chemical manufacturer Robinson Brothers is reaping multiple benefits of Dialight LED lighting supplied by specialist product distributor Scattergood & Johnson.

The West Midlands-based company, one of the largest independent manufacturers of specialist organic chemicals in the UK, originally planned to use the system only as emergency lighting.

But managers expanded that brief after quickly appreciating the many advantages that the low-energy, highly-durable Dialight fittings could bring.

“We were intending to install the fittings in the centre of one of our processing plants and attach them to an emergency lighting power pack, which Scattergoods also supplied,” says Robinson Brothers’ electrical manager Glenn Hodgkisson.

“However, we then realised that they could also be used as main lighting, automatically switching to the back-up supply in the event of a power failure.”

He adds: “The fittings provide much better lighting - more like bright daylight. The staff think it’s great and now they’re asking why we haven’t had it before!”

As a result, the building’s old industrial fluorescent lighting has been rendered largely redundant. Glenn says: “We still use it, but when the tubes fail we won’t be replacing them.

“I can also see us installing Dialight in at least nine other plants on our 11-acre site on a phased basis over the coming years.”

Initially attracted by the system’s low power consumption and five-year warranty, Glenn was convinced when he saw it in action: “Scattergoods gave us a highly-effective demonstration - it was a very bright, white light.

“The fittings have been installed for some time now and have given no trouble at all. In fact they have delivered everything we hoped for - and more.”
Scattergoods is a specialist distributor of the full Dialight range of ATEX-certified and Safe Area (non-ATEX) LED light fittings. Dialight is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial LED lighting, with 30 years’ experience. The unique design and benefits of its fittings can provide the best solution for many lighting applications.

Compared to traditional lighting, Dialight offers a reduction of up to 90% in electricity costs, as well as reduced carbon emissions. LED lighting lasts over 60,000 hours - more than 10 years in many applications and longer than any other light source.

Dialight light fixtures are solid state devices with no fragile glass or filaments, no moving parts, mercury or toxic gas. There is nothing to break, leak or contaminate and the LEDs are not subject to sudden failure or burnout.

Features include:
* Low energy consumption
* Factory sealed with five-year warranty
* 60,000 hour lamp life
* Lightweight and robust
* No UV
* 110-277V operation
* Can replace a 250–400W conventional fitting
* Low maintenance

Applications include:
* Warehouse & Distribution
* Area lighting
* Walkway lighting
* Cold store lighting
* Emergency lighting
If you have any questions or would like to talk to a member of our experienced sales team about Dialight lighting solutions, please contact us on:

T: 0113 243 0203
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