Dialight Brightens the Outlook!

Scattergood & Johnson has been appointed a specialist distributor of the Dialight range of ATEX certified and Safe Area LED light fittings.

Compared to traditional lighting, Dialight’s LED lighting offers customers a reduction of up to 90% in electricity costs, as well as reduced carbon emissions. LED lighting lasts over 10 years in many applications - longer than any other light source.

Dialight light fixtures are solid state devices with no fragile glass or filaments, no moving parts, mercury or toxic gas. There is nothing to break, leak or contaminate and the LEDs are not subject to sudden failure or burnout.

Features highlights include:
                        • Low energy consumption
                        • Factory sealed with five-year warranty
                        • 60,000 hour lamp life
                        • Lightweight and robust
                        • No UV
                        • 110-277V operation
                        • Can replace a 250-400w conventional fitting
                        • Low maintenance
Ideal applications include:
                        • Warehouse & Distribution
                        • Area lightingWalkway lighting
                        • Cold store lighting
Dialight is a leading manufacturer in the industrial and commercial LED lighting industry, with over 30 years’ experience. The unique design and benefits of Dialight fittings can provide the best solution for many lighting applications.

To read how Dialight has already helped UK food contractor March Foods save over 65% on power consumption, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Dialight lighting solutions, please contact our experienced sales team on:

0113 243 0203
E: [email protected]