How To Buy
If you are having trouble on a particular page, clicking the ‘Help’ tab whilst on that page will provide you with specific guidance on how to use that section. For an overview of our ordering process, please read the below.

PLEASE NOTE: Cut off time for next day delivery is 16:00.

In order to buy from us you need to:

  1. the products you want
  2. ...log in (or register)
  3. ...have a valid debit/credit card or Credit Account.

Selecting Products

You can browse our products by selecting from the product categories on the left and then by choosing from one of the subcategories displayed. To provide our customers with the widest selection, we are proud to offer a range of products from several quality manufactures. Choosing from one of these manufacturers will display the selected products.

You can choose to add products to your basket by entering the desired quantity in the appropriate field and then by clicking the ‘Add’ button. The items will be automatically added to your basket.

You can also search our complete product database for a specific item by entering a full or partial part number, or just a text description, into our search box in the top right.

Log In and Registration

Although you can add items to your basket at any time, when you need to check out, we will also require you to login or register. If you have already registered then you just need to enter your log in details. If you have not previously registered, please follow the registration link where you will be asked to supply basic information such as your name, shipping address and desired login details in order to register an account.

For detailed information on how your details are used and our terms of sale, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions respectively.

You can log in (or out) at any time.

Checking Out

During Check-Out, you will need to provide us with specific information regarding delivery and payment. Our carriage charges are dependent on the geographical destination of the shipment, the urgency of your requirement and the order value. For example, Standard Delivery for local orders of any value is FREE.

Once you have chosen your shipping requirements, we will ask for your payment details and validate your debit/credit card or confirm your Credit Account status. Please note that we will apply any existing or pre-agreed terms once we have revceived your order, and not at the checkout stage.

Please note that your debit/credit card details are kept on our system in order to process your purchase. For your security, these details are fully encrypted within our database and only accessible by a limited number of staff.

Once you have submitted your payment details and payment has been accepted, you will receive an acknowledgement email and your goods will be dispatched as per your delivery instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Cut off time for next day delivery is 16:00.

Setting Up Credit

If you already have a Credit Account with us, please contact [email protected] to enable your Credit Account online via the web. Any pre-agreed terms will be applied on your final invoice but web orders will, however, only show gross values. You can apply for a credit account by downloading and completing our credit application form. This must be signed and sent to the address detailed on the form. Please note that it may take several days to enable your credit status.